Resumes for Jobs in Foreign Countries
Resumes for Jobs in Foreign Countries
If you want to live and work at a foreign location—whether outside the United States for a U.S. citizen or within the United States for a citizen of another country—your resume has to meet certain special criteria.

You will want the hiring manager or recruiter to know that you are familiar with the language of the country where you want to work. It is also important to mention if you have citizenship or dual citizenship in that country, if you have lived (or visited) there previously and if you have educational degrees that are equivalent to those in the foreign country.

If you use a professional resume writer, the writer should be a native speaker in the country where you want to work. Even small mistakes in spelling (for example, between American and British English), grammar or cultural references may undermine your resume.

Different countries have different standards for resumes; may prefer CVs, which are more detailed. Some require your social security or passport number; some (like the U.S.) do not want it. Some expect a photo; some do not. Make sure you understand the expected format and content.

Make it easy for foreign companies to contact you. A LinkedIn account and a Skype account are very helpful additions to email and phone.

Different countries have different ideas about appropriate behavior. Religious views about foods or beverages, comfort with direct eye contact or with touching between men and women, the type of clothing considered professional and many other social norms vary greatly. Make sure your photos and comments on social media do not violate the sensibilities of your target country.

You will face different visa, driving permit and work permit requirements in foreign countries. Familiarize yourself with those requirements before you start your job search to make sure you can meet them in a timely fashion if you are offered an interview or job.